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An Excerpt From The Calling

Chapter 18 - The Calling of a Giant-killer


How often do we see others venture off into different fields of interest, only to fail? I remember when I saw one of life’s most exceptional basketball players Michael Jordan—often regarded as the greatest player ever to shoot a basketball— shock the sports world by announcing he was retiring from the NBA. He then dazed his fans again by deciding to chase his long-held passion of playing pro baseball.

Within months, the then thirty-one-year-old high-flying guard was bobbling easy flies and swatting at bad pitches as a struggling right fielder for the minor-league Birmingham Barons. An attempt to wear another’s armor was both humiliating and nearly futile.

Years later, one of life’s most famous boxers, the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya made a career choice in music. In 2000 he released a music CD that quickly sunk and faded... I thought, “Why?” Why do people get so out of their element?

There are some exceptions. To some that are bigger than life, their name becomes a brand and in some cases they can venture out in other areas of business. We see this happen when an entertainer or athlete comes out with a clothing line or perfume, but in most cases, they never quit their day job.

In 1998, a study was done regarding the most influential businessmen in the world. Batteries of questions were asked concerning the accomplishments and failures of each one. The single most common answer regarding why a business failed was, “We ventured into something that we had little to no experience in.”

Is it a surprise when you see people step out of their gift and then struggle in some other vocation? Most times it is not. Giant-killers know their calling. They appreciate the armor that they wear and they are confident when they put it on. It fits them well, and it has been tested time and time again.